Blog #5 Transgender Athletes in Sport

A hot button issue at this time in the sports world has been the conflict and argument on weather transgender athletes should be able to participate in sports. For example, should a person who was born a man that now identifies them-self as woman be able to participate in woman’s sports? The same goes for the other way around.

A central issue that will arise in these situations is an unfair advantage. What if a person that use to be a man and is now a woman still has all of those qualities of a man, it would most likely give them a leg up on the competition and give them advantages that someone who was born a woman does not have. There is no hiding it that most of the time men have a higher ability than woman when it comes to sports especially in more physical sports like wrestling or football. If i was put into a woman’s shoes and was playing a sport and i knew that the person competing against me was born a man, I wouldn’t be too happy about it and would know that they may have more of an advantage over me. Of course this is not exactly what happens with all cases in that all men are born as superior athletes to woman but it is very frequent. In a sport like Track and Field it is a fact that men preform better in events than woman simply because no woman has a world record that is very close to a mans. If a transitioned woman enters into the woman’s competition in Track then they most likely will have an advantage.

Another area for concern with transgender athletes is where to draw the line when it is okay for transgenders to compete as the gender that they are transferring to. Can a person that has made the choice enter into the other genders sport right away or should they have to wait a certain amount of time? What if a man says that they are transgender so that they can cheat and dominate woman’s sport for pure self indulgence? How would you be able to avoid these kinds of situations? What does it take to transition yourself into the opposite gender? Is it simply the mindset and decision or is it more of the physical aspect of sorts? These are questions that are very tricky to answer and to come to a conclusion of.

One area that could cause some controversy in this issue as well is wether or not transgender athletes should have to disclose if they are transgender, not that it would really make much of a difference either way. The public may have the right to know these things as well as the athletes. If i was the athlete competing against a transgender athlete i would be very interested in this and would like to know who i was competing against.

In the end this is a very big issue at hand and there are many questions that surround it. When it comes down to it, as long as everything is fair there really shouldn’t be any problems.



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