Blog #6 Barry Bonds Situation

As a reporter, Barry Bonds certainly seemed like a very hard player to follow and cover. I never really knew this side of things until reading these articles but it is interesting to know things like this. I think that when a reporter is dealing with a public figure and athlete like Barry Bonds there are no rights and wrongs with how you go about things and you need to make sure that what you are doing won’t burn to many bridges.

I believe that the stories that were written about Bonds’ steroid use were necessary and needed to be addressed. Fans and the general pubic have a right to know what happens with the sports stars that they follow. However, it is totally up to the fans to react how they want when they learn about what is going on. As it says in the article, some people wrote off these stories on the steroid use for multiple reasons like they didn’t care because ‘everyone was on the juice’ at the time and simply because fans didn’t want to believe in it.

I think that it is easy for people to assume that hard stories exposing all of what happened with Bonds’ and his use of steroids was a personal attack by reporters because of the type of person that Bonds’ was. He had a bad relationship with the press and with many others around him. All in all it is very foolish to think that these reporters had it out for Bond’s which led to their stories, but they were required to write about it and didn’t have much of a say in it.

If i was in this situation myself i would have done exactly what the reporters did and produced the stories outing Bonds’. As a reporter and journalist, situations like this are always going to be popping up and you can’t just back out. I’m not really sure how i would have dealt with having to cover Bonds’ himself. I’m sure that he isn’t one of a kind though and that tons a sources are going to be hard to cover.

I thought it was interesting how the KNBR reporter was required not to talk about certain things pertaining to Bonds’ during his radio shows because it would hurt the station. It totally takes away from your work if you have to censor your views and can’t give honest and fair opinions on what you are reporting on. Personally if that was me i would try to fight it but in the end if you are told to do something by people in higher positions than you you need to do them or else you might loose your job. I see transparency as a key to relating to viewers and it is something that should be required in this business. It’s unfortunate to be in that situation, especially when you are covering someone like Bonds’, but it is what it is.


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