Blog #7

Olympic torch case study:

Would you have carried the torch?

If i was in this situation and was posed the decision to either carry the torch or be able to cover the Olympic games themselves i would cover the games. Obviously turning down the opportunity to be able to carry the torch during the Olympic games would be a very tough thing to do, i really don’t think that it should keep a reporter from covering the games. What is the big deal if a reporter carried the torch and then reported on figure skating? Why would it be such a big impact, i really don’t understand the logic behind the situation but i do know that there are many ethical guidelines that journalists need to follow day in and day out so in the end covering the games would have to be my choice.


Duke Lacrosse case study:

What would you have done differently if you were the editor of the newspaper?

First and fore most in this situation i would not have choose sides so easily. It seemed like this newspaper had made their decision on what had happened right off the bat without much real reporting or digging. I think that this story really needed to be balanced and that the lacrosse players accounts needed to be in it rather than just having this ‘victim’ centralized throughout. Obviously this paper did not do their homework on this story and with some simple checking on facts from the account of the ‘victim’ they could have seen that something was wrong and they would not have jumped to conclusions.


Arthur Ashe case study:

Would you have revealed Ashe’s secret?

I would not have revealed Ashe’s secret because he wanted to keep it a secret and didn’t want anyone reporting that he had AIDs. This man had hid his condition from the news for three years so i don’t see what would drive a reporter to want to exploit Ashe over something he tried so hard to hide. I do think that the public should have known about what was going on with Ashe as time would ultimately show what he was dealing with but in the end as a reporter i think you should honor people when they simply don’t want things about their personal lives exposed all over the news.





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